Refund on cancellation

We refund all payments made from you to Luxreaders when you cancel, including shipping costs for delivery. However this does not apply in the following case: If you have purchased several products in an order and only cancel part of your purchase, we will not refund the shipping costs for delivery.

If you have chosen a delivery option that is more expensive than the cheapest option we offer, we will not refund the additional costs. We refund the amount without unnecessary delay and at most, it will take up to 30 days for the refund to reflect from the day we receive your cancellation/return notice. Our warehouse must first receive the product that is intended to be refunded, and once the warehouse has registered the product the refund payment will be made to the original payment method used. We can only issue the refund once we have received your returned products or you have sent the required documentation of the return.

Unless you have expressly agreed on something else, we will always pay the refund to the same payment method that you used during the original transaction. In any case, you will not be imposed with any form of fees as a consequence of the refund.


Returns are free when using our return label. Our label is an International Accepted Return Label. The reason there is no barcode printed on it is that the recipient, in this case, Luxreaders, pays for shipping as soon as the package has been received. Therefore, you should never pay shipping charges to return an item. If you decide not to use our return label or/and pay a third party for shipping, we will not refund the shipping charges to you.

In the unlikely event that our return label is not accepted without the imposition of return shipping charges, we kindly request you to contact our customer service beforehand for assistance.

It's important to clarify that refunds are only applicable to payments made directly to Luxreaders. This means that we cannot refund any return shipping charges paid to third parties.