Women's Kingsley Crystal White

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Kingsley - The open Square

The Kingsley Reading Glasses are a open square frame with a transparent appearance. It is the perfect combination for those who want to add some freshness and avoid a black look. Transparent reading glasses have become a favourite for many in recent years! The silver rivets on the outer edges provide a balanced expression, while the shape of the top edge creates a natural line that compliments your brows. The Kingsley has a glossy finish that brings your complexion to life by reflecting ambient light. The neutral shade ensures that the transparent shade compliments your face regardless of the tone of your skin.

Our frames are made with flexible temples and lightweight materials that ensure comfortable wear all day long. The materials are carefully selected to create durable, sustainable frames in a carefree Danish design. The glasses should be stored in the included felt protection when not in use to prevent scratches and tear for both frame and lenses.

The Blue Light Lenses

Long term blue light exposure has detrimental effects on our light-sensitive cells since it penetrates and damages the retina. That is why the lenses in blue light glasses are coated with a filter that block and absorb the blue light sent from your screens. Our blue light glasses filter approximately 30% of the blue light given from digital screens to protect your eyes from glare. Our naked eye is not equipped to block overexposed, blue light, which unfortunately results in many of us experiencing the negative side effects from constant screen exposure. Symptoms vary from frequent headaches to increasing eye strain and even disrupted sleep patterns. Although symptoms such as eye strain may seem minor, over longer periods of time this can lead to bigger issues such as macular degeneration- permanent blurring and loss of vision. Cutting down on screen time seems unrealistic in our growing high-tech world, so why not just use blue light glasses? A fast solution to protect your eyes from blue light so that you can continue your online endeavours whilst being kind to your health.

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