At Luxreaders, responsibility is key.

We believe that the most essential pillars to achieve responsibility are centered around the 3Ps – Planet, People, Product. At Luxreaders we strive to conduct business in a way that is beneficial for both the environment and society.


At Luxreaders we care about our planet. Through our climate initiatives, we make sure that we act responsibly within the environment we operate in.


As a company, we stay vertically intergrated in our supply chain. We take pride in our production and product. We always try to optimize our products and services.


Working at Luxreaders is supposed to be fun, exciting and inclusive. We take responsibility to make sure that everyone is accepted and respected at Luxreaders.

Green team

At Luxreaders we have a dedicated Green Team which consists of a group of employees who are actively engaged in advancing sustainability within the company. It is an opportunity to involve employees and encourage them to work together effectively, develop leadership and team skills, and make a difference in a cause that is near and dear to many employees’ hearts. These initiatives vary from personal goals such as biking to work and avoiding meat to larger goals within the company about how to tackle climate issues within our own value chain. The team do a yearly review on the steps taken throughout the year - and even more importantly they plan and discuss opportunities for further sustainable development within the Luxreaders brand for the following year.

In office Initiatives

During Covid our main goal has been keeping people safe and making sure all areas are sanitised so people feel comfortable to come into work. Our previous buffet style lunch system was a great initiative to avoid food waste and cut down on packaging, however during Covid we’ve had to organise separate lunches for our workers to create a safer environment. To keep up with any waste generated on our behalf, we have set up recycling stations in the office for Food, Plastic, and Metal Cans

Furthermore, having plants in the office is not
only good for our employees’ wellbeing and a great aesthetic, but they’re excellent at absorbing CO2 too! When you’re spending long hours every day in the office, just the small act of having plants to keep the oxygen flowing is a good deed for the earth and people. At Luxreaders, our indoor plants are highly appreciated and cared for and inspire our colleagues to implement their own green thumb initiatives!

Minimizing paper usage

Since 2020 we have tried to minimize paper usage at the Luxreaders office. The vast majority of daily activities that occur within our headquarters are done entirely online. Since we are an e-commerce company it seemed only necessary to embrace online technology and aim to use less paper in order to prevent deforestation!

A plant-based alternative

Cellulose Acetate is a great material to use for the production of glasses not only because of its glossy, attractive appearance but also due to its natural composition. Cellulose is a natural polymer and a common plant material that when reacted with acetic anhydride – creates Cellulose Acetate. This material makes us rethink the idea of ‘plastic’ by processing plant materials into a form of bioplastic that is both bio-based and biodegradable. Once plasticisers are added to Cellulose Acetate to improve the appearance and structure you then have a great raw material and better plant-based alternative for the production of sunglasses. At Luxreaders many of our glasses are available in Acetate to give our customers the choice of a more plant-based product.

Shorter Supply Chain

At Luxreaders we have a unique business model that allows us to cut out the middleman within our supply chain, meaning that we are able to shorten our supply chain and deliver products directly from production to consumer. Therefore, we reduce environmental CO2 burdens through shorter transport distribution methods. We also do not own any physical stores, so we limit the resources and process to attain our products. We believe it is both cheaper for the consumer and better for the environment to effectively deliver products with as little resources as possible that are used optimally and not wasted.

Our production is based in China which means our products have to be transported to our central storage in Denmark. We aim to get our products to Europe by the most sustainable means of transportation - and with the lowest possible impact on the environment. For now that means by ship in large quantities. We are continuously working on finding the most sustainable form of transport for our products.

We know we can and we must do better though...

We understand that the most effective way to be more sustainable and responsible is to make sure that there are effective and coherent measures throughout the entire value chain – and that means from the production of our glasses all the way to when they are finally disposed by our customers. Therefore, the ultimate vision to achieve responsible business would be to achieve circularity within our business model. But we need your help! 

Help us be better! Engaging consumers into the sustainability narrative

While sustainability is broadly centred around people, planet, and the economy – circularity has a greater emphasis on resource cycles. The two concepts do,
however, go hand in hand. By advocating for a circular economy and business environment we encourage that our waste is disposed of in a responsible way so it reenters the production phase and thus we limit extracting more new resources. We encourage all our consumers to join us and please recycle Luxreaders products when they are at the end of the life cycle so our products do not end up as wasteful when they could be useful.

Stakeholders code of conduct

As a company working with many stakeholders like suppliers and manufacturers, also in remote parts of the world, Luxreaders makes sure that the human rights and the health of the people we're collaborating with are preserved. Our Code of Conduct (CoC) is in line with the social, environmental and ethical rights of the European Union. All our stakeholders within and outside of the EU must follow these policies.

International Team

Diversity and inclusion programs are a company’s mission, strategies, and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage. Diversity is about the presence of individual and group differences. On the other hand, inclusion is about the environment in which diversity flourishes. Inclusive work environments allow employees from diverse backgrounds to feel welcome to bring their best, most authentic selves to work and create an overall sense of belonging. This is everything we embody at our work place and celebrate people's differences and see it as a big advantage to our international team.

Inclusive ecommerce

We recognise that our platform has the ability to reach a global network of communities of all different nationalities and backgrounds. Therefore, we have a no tolerance discrimination policy within our communication and strive that our service and platform is respectful and caters to all consumers in the most inclusive