Reading glasses +1.5

An overview of our reading glasses with +1.5 strength

Luxreaders- Reading glasses

With stylish reading glasses from Luxreaders, you won't compromise on style and quality. Best of all, you don't have to spend a fortune on stylish reading glasses. Our mission is simple: we offer stylish glasses at affordable prices.

Over the past few years, we have been working non-stop to make this mission a reality. Our unique business model allows us to reduce prices as much as possible. The process is simple: unnecessary middlemen are cut out and the glasses are delivered to you directly. This gives you the freedom to choose from our endless styles and looks of cheap reading glasses at a very affordable price.

At Luxreaders, we offer stylish reading glasses for men and women for just €35. Do you sometimes have trouble deciding whether the round reading glasses suit your head shape better or whether it should be the square reading glasses for the office look? Don't worry! Simply choose 3 pairs of glasses for 3 different occasions and pay just €69. Buy your reading glasses online now!

All our reading glasses are available in strengths from +1 to +3.5. If you're ever in doubt about which prescription you need, try our online eye test and find the right prescription for you in minutes.

Our modern reading glasses are both more comfortable to wear and of a higher quality than conventional reading glasses that you can find at the petrol station or supermarket. As we are a 100% digital glasses shop, we have achieved our ultimate goal: to offer our customers affordable, high-quality glasses. All our reading glasses can be easily purchased online.

The quality glasses of the future are affordable

Our mission at Luxreaders is to revolutionise the purchase of modern reading glasses. We want to create a future where reading glasses for men and women are stylish, comfortable and affordable. The aim is to establish an alternative to expensive brands that only very few people can afford. Our aim is to replace cheap disposable glasses. Our vision of the future is very tangible - because the future is digital and so are we. We would like to welcome you to the world of high-quality reading glasses, which are delivered directly to your home from our design and production department.

Through our unique use of technology, you as a customer can test all our glasses online. Our virtual try-on allows you to find exactly the fits and colors that suit you best. Our "try-on feature" has been developed to make the search for the perfect glasses easy and uncomplicated. Also, try our digital style advice, the "Styleguide," which instantly finds the right match for you! No matter what glasses you need, we promise you a unique, digital shopping experience and a selection of glasses that will always make you want to come back.

We at Luxreaders are convinced that reading glasses are not just a necessary tool when your eyes lose sight. We have challenged and changed the common perception that reading glasses are not sexy. Our ambition is stylish and modern reading glasses that match your type. Our drive is to question the notion that buying and wearing reading glasses must be a boring or unpleasant necessity. Even if you should wear glasses for the first time in your life, our ambition is that they must be modern and anything but boring.

We combine the classics with the new trends

Luxreaders is a product of years of passion for stylish glasses. Reading glasses for women and men are close to our hearts, and from the beginning, we had the clear ideal of not compromising on the aesthetics of our products. For every pair of glasses you find in our selection today, we have gone through countless frames, colors, and shapes. Our passion for authentic Scandinavian design has inspired us to challenge the standard of everyday reading glasses. Our goal is to combine the new trends with the classic looks.

As glasses enthusiasts, we have worked day and night to ensure that the high-quality craftsmanship in our collections of timeless reading glasses, sunglasses, and our latest superstar, blue light filter glasses, is recognizable. Our blue light filter glasses and sunglasses are available with and without strength.

You can indulge yourself with our stylish reading glasses in classic designs, round, square, and iconic shapes, or in modern designs like rectangular shapes. These offer you both sharpness and comfort. If you haven't tried the fantastic feeling of using one of our stylish glasses yet, a very special moment awaits you. Do like more than 30,000 satisfied customers and order your favorite glasses today.

You can combine our different glasses as you wish. We offer high-quality items at an affordable price and delivery directly to your doorstep. Online shopping has never been easier! We promise you won't regret it. Buy your reading glasses online.