Terms of service

These terms of trade and delivery are in use on products bought on www.luxreaders.com. To shop on Luxreaders.com you have to be at least 18 years old and have a valid debit card accepted by Luxreaders. Luxreaders.com is owned by Luxreaders ApS (DK38454749).

When shopping on Luxreaders.com, you accept these terms and you are therefore obliged to look through the terms before ordering. Since Luxreaders can change these terms from time to time you should read the terms every time you are shopping at Luxreaders.com. The terms were last updated on the 6th of January 2021.

Payment and delivery

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. The amount will be charged to you once the product is shipped. 

You will always be able to see the total shipping costs when choosing a delivery option during the completion of your order. These can be seen at our checkout when you are choosing the delivery option. Our delivery times vary between a few days to a week after placing an order, however, the Covid-19 pandemic may result in postal delays of up to 21 days. 

Right to cancellation 

You have the right to cancel a purchase without cause within 100 days. If you have purchased more than one product in an order, you can choose to cancel the purchase of some or all products. Read below about refund of shipping costs on cancellation.

The cancellation period expires 100 days after the day you have received your product. If you have ordered several products in one order and we are unable to deliver the products at the same time, the cancellation period runs from the day you receive the last product. If the day of expiration is a holiday or a weekend day it will be prolonged to the following weekday.

You have to contact us to cancel. You may send a letter to us at Luxreaders ApS, c/o Milcom A/S, Hørmarken 7, 3520 Farum, Denmark in which you announce your cancellation wish or you can send an e-mail to hi@luxreaders.com.

The cancellation period consists of if you have sent your cancellation notice before the cancellation period expires.

You cannot cancel by simply refusing to receive the product or by not picking it up without informing Luxreaders about your wish to cancel the purchase.

If you cancel your product purchase you have to send the product back to us at Luxreaders ApS, c/o Milcom A/S, Hørmarken 7, 3520 Farum, Denmark without unnecessary delay no later than 14 days after you have informed us that you wish to cancel otherwise you may endure product return costs. The period is respected if you return the products before the expiration of the 100 days.

Products cannot be shipped on C.O.D. or without delivery. You are charged for the return of the product.

Refund on cancellation

We refund all payments from you when you cancel, including shipping costs. However this does not apply in the following case: If you have purchased several products in an order and only cancel part of your purchase, we will not refund the shipping costs.

If you have chosen a delivery option that is more expensive than the cheapest option we offer, we will not refund the additional costs. We refund the amount without unnecessary delay and at most, it will take up to 30 days for the refund to reflect as from the day we receive your cancellation/return notice. Our warehouse must first receive the product that is intended to be refunded, and once the warehouse has registered the product the refund payment will be made to the original payment method used.

We can only issue the refund once we have received your returned products or you have sent required documentation of the return.

Unless you have expressly agreed on something else, we will always pay the refund to the same payment method that you used during the original transaction. In any case, you will not be imposed with any form of fees as a consequence of the refund.


If a purchased item has shortcomings - e.g. material or manufacturing defects - the Sales Law is applicable. You can complain about product shortcomings within 24 months of the time of delivery by reaching out to us using hi@luxreaders.com.

We ask you to concisely enlighten us with as much detail as possible of the problem. It is not a requirement but it makes it easier to locate the error and minimize the time spent processing your complaint.

If the complaint is justified and the shortcoming cannot be alleviated without returning the product, we will refund the necessary shipping costs. Remember that the product always needs to be sent in proper packaging and that you should receive a receipt for shipping. Keep postal receipts, including information on shipping costs and possibly a track-and-trace-number. Product return and return costs