Blue light glasses

An overview of our blue light glasses

Blue light filter glasses – an important help during the week

The majority of us spend a lot of time behind a screen during the day. TV’s, computers and smartphones are almost inevitable. Even while you are reading this text, your eyes are most likely being exposed to the harmful blue light rays coming from your screen. On average, we spend up to 8 hours a day looking at different types of screens and sadly our eyes don't have a built- in filter to protect us from blue light.

Our eyes might not be able to protect us from blue light rays, but our blue light glasses definitely can! Our glasses protect your eyes from the blue light being radiated from your phone, computer or TV. Blue light glasses have become very popular the last few years, and there's a great reason for it.

A lot of people are starting to realize that they are pushing their eyes to the limit. When we spend most of the day behind a screen at the office and the night hours behind an ipad or in front of the TV. This amount of screen time is very unnatural for humans and has a negative effect on our eyes. Many experience dry eyes, worse sleep or headaches which all can be related to being exposed to blue light.

Our glasses filter 30% of the blue light rays coming from your screen, which means a large part of the harmful blue light is being blocked. Our blue light glasses are coated with a thin filter which blocks and absorbs the blue light rays from your screen. This way, the glasses helps your eyes relax and relieves the pressure which normally can cause headaches and dry eyes.

Protect your eyes and look good

At Luxreaders we have worked hard to unite the positive effects of blue light glasses with a wide sortiment of high quality frames and styles. Luckily we succeeded and created a wide sortiment of models and collections of blue light glasses that makes you look stylish when sitting behind a screen. Furthermore, we’ve worked hard to keep the weight of the glasses to a minimum so you can keep them on for longer periods of time.

Exactly as all our other glasses, our blue light glasses are both high quality and affordable. We offer you a sharp price of €35 for a single pair and only €69 for 3 pairs!

If you need blue light glasses with strength, we can sort you out. We know a lot of us who sit a lot behind the screen also use reading glasses. That’s why we designed some blue light glasses with strength so you don’t need to wear two glasses at once. Our blue light glasses are available in the strengths +1,+1.5,2,2.5 and without strength (no magnification). Scroll through our wide selection and find the perfect pair that suits you the best.

Through our unique use of computer technology, we’ve made it possible for you to see your face with our glasses on in our virtual mirror. Our Try-on feature lets you try all of our shapes and colors to find the perfect blue light glasses for you. You can also try our styleguide and find out which glasses suit your face and style.

No matter which blue light glasses you end up choosing, we can promise you that you’ll have a great digital experience and a wide selection of glasses which you are going to come back to again and again.

We connect the classic with the modern trends

Luxreaders is born from many years of passion for glasses. Glasses are what we care for and since day one we’ve had a clear understanding of not compromising when it comes to style. We’ve had numerous frames, colors and shapes on the drawing board to get to the glasses we offer you today. Our passion for authentic scandinavian design has inspired us to push the boundaries on reading glasses for daily use.

Our collection of blue light glasses is a step into the future market for glasses where more people are becoming aware of how damaging the excessive screen time can be. Our blue light glasses serve as a helper and a tool here to solve an essential problem: minimizing the risk of experiencing the annoying effects of blue light from screens - while you look good.

You can spoil yourself with a pair of blue light glasses in a classic design like our round or iconic glasses or in the more modern design like rectangular or square which gives you both sharpness and comfort.

If you haven't tried the fantastic feeling of letting a pair of our blue light glasses slide onto your face, you have a great experience to look forward to. Do like more than 30.000 of our satisfied customers and order a pair of Luxreaders today. You can mix and match our glasses exactly how you want. We promise glasses in high quality to an affordable price as well as direct delivery to your front door. It has never been easier to access quality glasses, so do yourself a favor and spoil yourself with a pair of Luxreaders – we promise, you wont regret it.