Blue light glasses for women

An overview of blue light glasses for women

Anti-blue light glasses designed for women

It's becoming increasingly more common for us to spend more time in front of our screens. That being said, it's also more difficult these days to reduce our screen time even if we would like to. Our tablets, smartphones and computers form part of our daily communication, work and entertainment, however, they too produce high levels of blue light. We should be cautious about the exposure we receive from blue light since it is a result of all the many hours we spend staring at our screens, daily.

Our naked eye is not very good at blocking blue light, which is why so many of us experience negative side effects from the constant exposure to our screens. Symptoms such as headaches, disrupted sleep patterns and eye strain are common results of overexposure to blue light. Over long periods of exposure, eye strain can lead to bigger issues such as macular degeneration or permanently blurred vision.

Our blue light glasses for women filter 30% of blue light that is emitted, which significantly reduces the negative symptoms you might experience, whilst improving the quality of your sleep and reducing headaches and eye strain. Experience all these benefits and still look energised and stylish! We at Luxreaders offer a wide range of frames to ensure that we have the blue light glasses that will suit your style. A pair of blue light glasses for women is the perfect accessory! We offer frames in high-quality materials such as acetate, stainless steel and rubber.

All of our materials are comfortable and durable to ensure the best possible experience for you. If you're at all in doubt about which frames would suit you, get inspired by our style guide! After just a few easy questions we shall gladly recommend the right frames for you. You can also use our virtual try-on function and visualise our different frames on your face - from your own home.