Blue light glasses

Protect your eyes against blue light from your screens

Stay focused

Filter 30% of blue light

Reduce risk of headaches

Improve your sleep

3 pairs for 59€

Mix and match as you please

What's all the fuss about blue light blocking?

Everyday our poor eyes take a beating when exposed to harmful blue light- emitted from our computer screens, tablets, smartphones and TVs. Most of us even go beyond 8 HOURS of combined screen time EACH DAY using only the naked eye. Longterm exposure can effect our sleep cycles, cause headaches and premature retina damage. Cutting down on screen time seems unrealistic in our growing high-tech world, so why not just use anti-blue light glasses? A fast solution to protect your eyes from blue light so that you can continue your online endevours whilst being kind to your health.

Give your eyes a break

You can do wonders for your health just by wearing blue light blocking glasses when using digital screens. Healthier body routines are established due to the positive effects of improved sleep, fewer headaches, reduced eye strain as well as overall greater well-being! And, let's not forget to mention that you can also look great in doing so! Our range of blue light glasses is sleek and minimalist yet gives maximal protection to your eyes.

Light weight glasses

Eco- and allergy friendly materials

Flexible hinges

Selected materials

The Fatigue Countermeasures branch of the Air Force Research Laboratory

Harvard Business Review

"In short, the blue light filtering glasses improved both sleep and work outcomes"

How it works

Longterm blue light exposure has detrimental effects on our light-sensitive cells since it penetrates and damages the retina. That is why the lenses in anti-blue light glasses are coated with a filter that block and absorb the blue light sent from your screens. Our blue light glasses filter approximately 30% of the blue light given from digital screens to protect your eyes from glare.