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Blue light glasses
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The Edwards Black give you the best of both worlds - the rectangular and round! This frame is designed to embrace the advantages of the rectangular frame such as a longer lens and a lens that sits higher on the cheek whilst also welcoming the soft curves of the classic round glasses.

To better protect your eyes these glasses are equipped with anti-blue light lenses. Blue light emitted from screens such as computers, tablets, phones and TVs can cause headaches, dry eyes, impaired vision and poor sleep. Protect your eyes with your own quality Blue Light glasses that block up to 30% of blue light beams.

  • Matt surface obtained with a rubber coating
  • Hard coated lenses with anti-scratch
  • Single-strength glasses
  • Available in +0 to +3.5
  • CE approved
  • Made in high quality TR90 Swiss aircraft material technology
  • Elastic and highly resistant
  • Flexible hinges
  • Block 30% of the Blue Light
  • Easy to clean glasses with anti-static and hydrophobic coating.
13cm 3.9cm 2cm

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