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Why use sunglasses with lens strength?

Don't you just love a day spent reading on your terrace or in the park whilst basking in the sun? We do, too! Sunglasses are known for being leading fashion accessories that form part of your visual expression, but we take it to the next level by giving you aesthetic frames in your preferred lens strength so you can enjoy the sun whilst still receiving the benefits from your regular reading glasses.

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What is UV400?

Ultraviolet rays are harmful bursts of radiation from the sun that vary in lethality such as sunburn, wrinkles and even cancer. However, it is often overlooked that UV rays can have detrimental effects to our eyesight by damaging the surface of the cornea through cataracts or macular degeneration. Fortunately, this damage can be avoided by wearing glasses that have the right UV protection, and for European summers UV400 is ideal to protect your eyes!